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Jonathan Milner has been a full time public school teacher since 1993, teaching in such varied settings as inner-city classrooms in Houston, Texas, an AP magnet school, the Governor's School of North Carolina, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Jonathan has poured his 20+ years of being a teacher, College Board consultant, AP exam reader, and AP Summer Institute leader into inspiring students and teachers across the country in the joy and power of AP Government and Politics.

In 1999 Milner founded Global Arts, an international educational exchange program working with students from Bosnia, Israel, and Kenya. In 2012, Global Arts inaugurated an ongoing partnership with a home for disabled orphans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where Milner brings groups of American students every year.

Jonathan Milner photographed in the field

In addition to teaching high school students full-time, Milner is a teaching coach, giving presentations and workshops to teachers from Washington, to Nairobi, to Sarajevo. For the past sixteen years, Milner has worked as an AP exam reader and as a College Board consultant, leading week-long and one-day workshops from Georgia to Wisconsin to Miami. In 2002, Milner received the $20,000 Marcellus Waddill Excellence in Teaching Award and the next year was named the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Teacher of the Year. Milner’s proudest achievement is simply having an exciting and vibrant classroom in which students are engaged in meaningful, authentic, purposeful learning. Whether he is working with affluent students in suburban Washington or recent immigrants from war-torn Bosnia, Mr. Milner shares his infectious enthusiasm for learning. Jonathan lives at approximately 970 feet above sea-level in Winston-Salem, NC with his bakery-owning entrepreneur-wife Cary, high-energy athlete-son Owen, crazy dogs Waffles and Bun Bun, and a flock of six egg laying hens.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
— John Dewey

AP Government and Politics Redesign

In preparation for the 2018 AP Government and Politics course redesign I'll be offering engaging and rigorous AP GoPo training. This summer I'll be at Davidson, Wake Forest, William & Mary, and a number of other sites, and I also offer direct AP GoPo coaching and support to teachers and districts to build student success on the AP Exam!

My curriculum is fully aligned for success with the AP Government and Politics Redesign.

The AP Government and Politics redesign is guided by five basic principles:

1-Command of the constitution is the touchstone for informed citizenship and scholarship.

2-Students are not spectators but analysts, they must analyze the documents and debates that formed our republic and animate public life today.

3-Knowledge matters: we define a focused body of shared knowledge while leaving room for the variety of state standards and the imagination of individual teachers.

4-We can’t avoid difficult topics but we can insist on a principled attention to the best arguments on both sides as students read and write.

5-Civic knowledge is every student’s right and responsibility.

All of these principles are embedded in our curriculum and central to our mission of civic education.

There are five political science skills and practices that are central to the AP Government and Politics redesigned course, which students will be expected to master for the exam:

Skill 1: Describe and explain constitutional and political institutions principles, processes, models, and beliefs.

Skill 2: Explain connections among political behaviors, institutions, beliefs and cultural factors

Skill 3: Read, analyze and interpret quantitative data to draw conclusions about political principles processes behaviors and outcomes.

Skill 4: Read, analyze and interpret qualitative sources.

Skill 5: Develop an argument about political principles, processes, behaviors and outcomes.

My flipped classroom and rigorous analytical approach to engaging resources help students master all five essential political science skills.

Skill 1: Students analyze rich resources including a deep dive into primary sources to make connections across the US politics curriculum.

Skill 2: Inquiry based learning creates a web of knowledge and student understanding across the curriculum

Skill 3: Students achieve visual literacy through our analysis of visual data in our daily class starters

Skill 4: Journal reviews connecting current events to curriculum lead to lively debates, discussion, and an open Socratic classroom building analytical and interpretive skills.

Skill 5: Our fishbowl method of research based argumentation turns students from spectator to participant


These skills not only lead to fantastic results on the AP exam, but more importantly, create lifelong citizen scholars.

Teachers love Jonathan's Government and Politics materials

"Your materials have been huge hits with the students AND me in particular!"

"I'm loving your curriculum more and more everyday!"

"Meant to tell you how much my students enjoy your class starters. Thanks so much."

"Thank you for such engaging classroom material. It is rewarding to see students come to class excited to learn and actually excited to open their textbooks and Lanahan readers."

"The materials from our APSI training have been really helpful — thank you!"

"Thank you for the resources and the great seminar for AP GoPo over the summer! These resources will be of great use to my students this upcoming semester."

"I just purchased Unit 1 and I could not be happier with the resource!  I definitely plan on purchasing the rest as I move through the year!"

"Thank you so much for all you do, your materials have certainly made me a better teacher and have greatly benefited my students."

Teachers rave about Jonathan's workshops

"The best workshop I ever attended."

"Excellent experience. I am returning to my school more confident and motivated. Thanks!"

"The teacher was engaging, informed, and intelligent...Stayed on track. He rates the highest ranks in teacher training."

"Jonathan Milner is an excellent teacher and a fine human being."

"Mr. Milner was off the charts. My students will be enormously impacted by him."

"Jonathan Milner was an excellent instructor. He provided a wide range of strategies to incorporate into the classroom."

"Democracy Rocks projects and our first Fishbowl were FANASTIC!  The students really did outstanding work on both activities!  I am so loving all of the projects, notes, etc. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for me and my students!"

"This was the best professional development that I have been to by far. It was both interesting and useful as well as inspiring."

"Mr. Milner was great, amazing information that we can all use in our instruction."

"Plethora of useful materials."

"Really excellent! I learned a lot, everything we did was relevant and useful. I received so many resources! Great workshop."

"Excellent AP workshop! It was so engaging and will change the way that I teach my course."

"Best PD I've ever attended - outstanding modeling throughout. Fabulous materials and discussion."

"Excellent workshop! Will definitely be taking a lot of new knowledge and technique back to my classroom."

"This has been the single most useful professional development I have attended in 27 years of teaching."

"This was the best workshop that I've ever attended...hands down!"

"Best PD event I've ever attended. Wonderful info and useful information."

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